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pool table room sizes in rock hill content

There is something that should always be considered when purchasing a pool table and this is the size of the room where the pool table assembly with leveling is to take place. This has to be taken into account since it will affect the size of the pool table you can get so that you can play comfortably and enjoy a good playing experience.

Be sure you measure the length and width of the playing surface of the pool table to get its true size. This is also very helpful in case you need a pool table recovering job.

Should there be a difference in size than originally stated when the pool table installers arrive at the job, this could really complicate the job because the table may not fit in the room. Additionally, if the cloth was ordered to recover the pool table at the time of installation, this material will not cover the entire table. Consequently, we will not be able to provide the pool table recovering service during installation and this could also incur additional trip charges.

We have been taking care of professional pool table moves for quite a few years, so we can definitely help you verify if the pool table you’re interested in will fit in the room, please measure the room dimensions, you may also use the chart we have put together for your convenience below. Also, you can give us a call if you have any questions.

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In our many years of experience, there have been quite a few pool table moves in which we have found out the room where the pool table was going to be setup in did not have adequate space to actually play the game. Therefore, we had to reschedule the appointment.

In other situations, the customer asked us to install the pool table in a different room than where they had originally planned because the table could not fit in the room where they had originally planned. In cases like these, we will have to change the price of the service. This is why we have put this chart for you to use and avoid these potential issues.

Pool Table Room Sizes Chart

Below is a list of the pool table room sizes to help you determine if the pool table you are looking into works for you. Please take the room size into consideration when buying your pool table. When you find the right pool table and are ready to schedule your appointment call the professional pool table movers in Rock Hill.

Measure from tip of bumper to tip of bumper across the width of your pool table to find your table size. You can find the pool table room size required by determining what size your pool table is. If the pool table is to be taken apart and moved, we also take care of the complete pool table moves.

pool table room sizes in rock hill content

 Recommended Pool Table Room Sizes

  • 7′ x 3 ½’ – 7 foot pool table needs roughly 17′ x 13½’
  • 8′ x 4′ – 8 foot pool table needs roughly 18′ x 14’9′ x 4 ½’
  • 9-foot pool table needs roughly 19′ X 14½’

This is especially important when calling for pricing, refelting or moving because this will change the pricing on both services.

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